Friday, August 29, 2008

Jim on the Nomination of Sarah Palin.

"She looks like Gena Davis in the TV show, "Commander In Chief.

And it's the same plot."

What I think:
This nomination is about getting churches fired up and using them as recruiting vehicles for the Republican Party again just like they did for Bush/Cheney. And you can see that it's working. The religious right, which despises McCain, have finally been pulled onboard.

If he wins, she'll get a little desk off in the corner, and when the religious right leaders show up at the White House, they'll be cordially escorted to her desk where she'll entertain them and make them feel important. And McCain will never have to talk to them again.

It's brilliant!


Bev Sykes said...

My friend Char used to live in Palmer, a little town 40 mi outside of Anchorage. The companion little town was Wasilla. This morning I got a note from her saying that Sarah Palin was a former Miss Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious with the pick, McC has nothing except gays, guns, god, and the abortion issue.

Jackie said...

Steve, do you think Palin will be content to sit at a desk in the corner? I don't think so.

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