Monday, August 18, 2008

Kulak's, Health Update & Pantheon

The biopsy was at the end of last week, but my neck and throat are still sore from where they took tissue from the back of my throat and where they shoved the needle into my neck. In my throat, it feels like a sting/itch that won't quite go away, especially when I eat.

The place on my neck just feels sore, especially if I turn my head a certain way. I'll be seeing the ENT doc on Thursday for the results.

I'm still going to go down to Kulak's Woodshed tonight. I also still plan to sing. You can catch it live on the Woodshed's live broadcast.

This Friday, there will be a hearing to determine the legal status of Kulak's. I plan to be there to support the music space. (There is a neighbor who hates us even though we only play acoustic music in the evening).

Lastly, the rehearsals for Pantheon Bar & Grill start this week. Maybe even tonight! (I'm not sure of the chorus's schedule). Kathleen McGuire heroically finished everything by the end of the week and the only thing missing were 8 bars of music I had unintentionally excluded from my original lead sheets. Man, would I love to be there!

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