Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Singing Brigadoon.

We all gathered at the Irish Rep to rehearse this one night only presentation of Brigadoon. I've never sung a show like this, that I can recall. I've only ever done my own shows, or, back in Dallas during the late 70s, musical revues (I was appallingly bad).

Mark Hartman, the handsome kinda Poindexterish musical director, is a dream to work with. He was patient as we tackled learning the sometimes 8-part harmonies.

(And I was such a good boy. I printed out all my pages and put them into folders using plastic sheets. I had everything but a Star Trek lunchbox.)

We also have been making serious plans about moving here. More info on that as we get ourselves settled. But it's just almost impossible to make a living in L.A. in theater unless you're a superstar.

Here, Jim has had such great success with the critics and all the big awards, it just seems like this is where we belong. So, we're gonna go for it. I'll write more about it later.

Today, our landlady is gonna use this apartment for a big shindig she's had planned for a year. So, we're gonna go float around the city, see a couple of shows, eat out with friends, and be tourists in NY for the day!