Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video: New World Waking in June 2010, NYC.

New World Waking!'s New York debut was on a bare "stage" in a tiny little place on lower West Side, Manhattan. The singers were all rehearsed individually, and then brought together on the day of the show to sing and hear the entire piece for the first time in its newest configuration.

This is not professional video, so the quality isn't great, but it is clear. And the performers were beyond spectacular as we sang for ourselves as much as we did for our small, but enormously supportive, audience.

Everyone, afterwards, told me they wanted to be in my "troupe." I didn't know I had a troupe, but I guess I do now, and we keep adding to the troupe every single day! I haven't spoken yet about last Wednesday's The Last Session, but I will. Lots of things are happening there.

Meanwhile, if you're a singer, sing my songs! Either download the sheet music or follow along on these videos below, or both. Then, if you see me at my usual Sunday night hangout, Mark Janas' Salon, I'll play for you! Or, better, Mark will play for you.

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