Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Kidney Stone Mystery Solved?


After many tests, some of which are too gross to get into, we have results.

My kidney stones seem to be coming from an accumulation of uric acid. In some people, this can become gout. In me, it apparently creates kidney stones.

At least, that's our presumption.

In plain talk, it means that my diabetic diet, the meat proteins I'm eating -- chicken, fish, meat -- are creating a great deal of uric acid. So, the prescription is to cut down on "meats" to one meal a day, in smaller portions, and up the plant protein quotient, and add in some whole wheat carbs to make up for the lost calories.

(I can just hear my vegetarian friends and readers wagging their fingers and saying, "I told you so.")

So... good plant proteins. I need some new recipes.

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