Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bonus Round Choir FAQ

A crowd-sourced chorus that sings with Steve.

How do I get in?
If you want to sing, you're in. 
You don't have to know how to read. You don't even have to know the music. You don't even have to know the songs. Just show up and let me know you're in. Or don't let me know. I make it up as I go along. 

Where do I get the music? 
In the Crowd-Source BRC folder at Google Docs. And inside that is a link to all the music in New World Waking, which is a more formal "show," as opposed to when I'm just singing solo. Currently, it contains two of the songs I'm going to sing on Sunday. But I'm improvisational in my performances. I make decisions based on the moment. 

How will I know what to sing?
Just show up. You'll know. If you need prompting, I'll do it from the stage. Sound scary, yes? 

When did you start doing this?
Yesterday. But I've kind of been doing it all along. Now I've given it a title.

This sounds confusing.
Yes, it does.

How many people are coming?
So far, it's just you and me. If you come, that is. 

No, actually. The choir at Bay Ridge Episcopal Church will be singing with me on Sunday morning during their liturgical service. I'm the tenor in the back row there. I also am composer in residence, which is a fancy way of saying I write songs for the choir and the choir has to sing them whether they want to or not. Happily, they want -- but we are a part of the church service, so people who are allergic to church are warned. And it's free. 

Sunday night at the St. Clement's, though, is a fundraiser with a $20 donation at the door, but it's not a church service. It's a great cabaret show with lots of talented performers. So, you'll want to give them a donation, but there's FOOD. The others are all top cabaret talent, both upcoming and legendary. I'll con all of them into joining us in our BRC, too. Secret: If you're totally broke, you can still come. No one turned away. Have a nosh. Darryl Curry on piano, as accompanist for the other acts and Sue Matsuki, a great singer and entertainer.

When is your next gig after that?
May 4th at Birdland. 5 pm. It's also a fundraiser so that one's $15 plus $10 food/drink minimum. It's for Zani's Furry Friends, an animal rescue group that finds homes for dogs that have been abandoned and set to be killed. And the other talent on the bill. Broadway stars. Also, the fabulous "now in his prime" Jim Brochu has been known to turn whole audiences into a crowdsource River City town's people, when he rampages through "Trouble" in an impromptu Music Man. You never seen so many smiling music majors.

It just occurred to me that if you're going to crowdsource something, New York City is a good place to do it.

After that, Porland, Oregon in July, where members of the Portland Gay Men's Chorus are joining me on stage. I'd invite you but it's sold out. Still, that doesn't preclude us throwing some kind of impromptu event. I'll be there Friday through Sunday. If you live in the Portland area, send me a note.

Why do you think I should sing?
Because it's fun, it's adventure, it creates community and it's healthy for your body. And it's sexy. And it makes you feel smart. And it feels soooo good.

Why do you care?
What? I need an explanation to care?

Why don't you have a logo for the Bonus Round Choir?
Yeah! Why not?

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