Thursday, April 18, 2013

Come Sing With Me.

I think enough of you have seen the song "Lazarus Come Out." And also "Rescue." Come sing them with me. There are three opportunities coming up.

On Sunday morning at 11am at Christ Church Bay Ridge, I'm going to sing "Lazarus Come Out" during the worship service. If you're not Episcopalian -- I have readers and followers from all walks of life, from the most atheistic to the most conservative fundamentalist, that may not be your bag. So, pretend it's one of those European Gospel Bus Tours that bring crowds to the balconies of churches in Harlem. This is the traditional Episcopalian version of that tour. However, you'll have to get yourself there -- and make sure I know you're there. Then, when it's my time to sing, you can come up and just be part of my bonus round choir. (And no, this is not a trick to get you to come to church. It is, however, free.) Choir rehearsal starts at 9:45 and service starts at 11.

Then, Sunday evening, at 7pm, I'm singing for the annual St. Clement's Cabaret, a benefit for their food program That'll cost ya $20, if you got it. If you don't, then give whatever you can and show up. They always have a great food layout, cooked by the members of the church. It's nostalgic for me because I fell in love with these folks when Zero Hour played here. It was one of the happiest moments of all our lives, both on stage and off. The vicar there, one of the unsung heroes of 9/11 who stayed up days at a time, going into the killing field to say prayers over bodies and comfort grieving families -- unsung because she does these things without announcement or press agents, is a person I dearly love, Mitties De Champlain, a teacher at General Seminary here. And the other people there are equally kind.

So, the admission (suggested) is $20, but no one will be turned away. I generally never know what I'm going to sing until I sing it, but I'll probably do "Lazarus Come Out" and maybe "Rescue."

Here is a link to my CrowdSource-LitBR folder on google docs. I threw "Lazarus" and "Rescue" in there. I'll probably toss more. Maybe "My Thanksgiving Prayer." Let's see how many people want to join me.

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