Monday, June 17, 2013

Lori Tan Chinn poses with Playbill.

Anyone who is a fan of great comedic movie scenes knows the "YOU EAT COOKIE!" scene from the movie "Mickey Blue Eyes" starring Hugh Grant. The uncredited actress in that scene is the great Broadway performer Lori Tan Chinn. Jim and I met her at the Polish Tea Room for lunch where he gave her a pre-Broadway Playbill of the musical "Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen."

She told me the story behind the scene:
Actually, I read somewhere on some Comedy Hall of Fame, the scene made the list of memorable performances. Hugh Grant and producer went on every talk show with that clip - it was the only contained comic portion of the film that showed something funny. They never mentioned my name, although Conan O'Brian, Jay Leno, and some other hosts suggested he & I do a "buddy movie" together. And to think, they never wanted me in the first place - they were looking for a very old Chinese lady, but after I thought I had lost the role, discovered that mine was the performance to beat. The producers never even called to tell me I had the role. I just got a call asking if I would be available to shoot on a day that was rained out on a previously planned shoot day. They gave me scale and no billing. Unfortunately, you can't take that to the bank....

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