Saturday, June 08, 2013

New Recordings Update.

My dream of sailing into a studio, recording the album in one quick swoop, was a bit of a pipe dream, but also not unsuccessful. In fact, I got one recording that is a total keeper.

Not that there was anything really wrong with the performances, but I'm still feeling out the territory. Someone suggested I start a Kickstarter to get this thing done, but you need a real budget for that. Since I don't know what I'm creating, I can't deliver a budget.

The more I listen to the songs, the more see how I can do it better. So, my second session went better because I had rehearsed. I also, however, brought in some newer material. Stuff newly written, or almost finished, just to hear them out loud and see how they might feel. And though I mostly like what's there, I can do it better. Not by over-rehearsing, but by making sure they're solid in my mind, in terms of structure and flow.

Several friends have offered to sponsor an hour, so that will make it easier.

If the goal, here, is to present an honest, untweaked performance of about an hour's worth of song -- and it is -- then theoretically, I should be able to ace this thing next time around.

BTW, I realize it's old hat to make an "album" and I would prefer to release a song at a time, but I needed to  hear all the songs in context in order to understand how to approach each one.

It's a very exciting trip. I still feel I have a little more study to do before I go back in. Meanwhile, I suppose I could release one of the songs.

Let me ponder.

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