Monday, June 24, 2013

Meeting An Old Pal.

Had lunch with a dear out of town acquaintance today -- a hideous veggie wrap. The lunch, not the friend.

In his own life, he felt completely pointless and he felt very much alone. He had no direction in his work and wasn't doing what he really wanted to be doing, but because he was running out of money, he was going from job to job.

Since that describes pretty much everyone I know, we just used to the time to be in each other's presence.

At one point, I told him that I've had to just reduce my life down to what keeps me alive -- and that is making music, following my diet and staying completely in the moment, not in some future, even though I enjoy fantasizing about it. I know it won't make me any happier than sitting here with my friend for a short 45 minutes -- and then, he's off to who knows where.

At our meeting, the main topic of conversation was all the bad news and frustrations. But what really happened in that little cafe was two old friends reconnected on a heart level.

The kind you can only do when you're in the same room, after you've had that first embrace.

We didn't solve each other's problems, but I came away refreshed and reinvigorated.

You can live every day
You can die every day

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