Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Holy Dirt


Anonymous said...

Glory Haleluia. You have a comment section. I couldn't happier!!!!!!

This is an extraordinary piece sweetie. Extraordinary.

Jim F in Seattle said...

Wow! Steve, very, very powerful video!!
Thanks so much for posting it!

Jim F

drpsduke said...

Nice one Steve.

Have you ever heard of the Santuario de Chimayo, in Northern New Mexico, that is said to contain Holy Dirt?

GOOGLE brings up a number of links to sites about it.

Steve Schalchlin said...

Are you serious? They use the term "Holy Dirt"?

Nonsequitur said...

Artistically minimalistic :P Say that ten times fast... A very good message, it's too bad that it falls mostly on deaf ears in this day and age. Ignorance and fundamentalism function as very effective blinders and earplugs. Then again, if the message even changes one person's perspective, it will have been worth it. Keep working at it Steve, nice job ;).

Steve Schalchlin said...

nonsequitor, thanks for linking to this song on your wonderful blog. I look forward to getting to know you better.