Friday, March 21, 2008

Driving Miss Laurie.

Sometimes in life you get to do something or experience something really special.

Something your backwoods younger self would never have imagined or fantasized about.

Usually, it's so spontaneous, it's over before you realize it. Because you were too naive or inexperienced to understand at the time.

But this time it won't be that way. This time it sounds like a premise for an indie film: Two guys drive a famous Hollywood actress to San Diego. Laughter ensues.

Well, as Playbill has now announced, Zero Hour is being directed by a certain world class, endlessly respected actress who is adored by everyone she knows.

Today, they're going to rehearse.

And on Saturday, I get to drive down in the car to San Diego with Piper Laurie.

Two or three hours in a car with Piper Laurie.

I wish I could find the diary entry where Alexandra Billings completely falls apart in front of her.

Do you know that she giggles? Yes. Carrie' s mom giggles. And she got an Oscar nomination for making out with Paul Newman when he was as his hottest. And remember when Mel Gibson was hot? He did his first on-screen love scene with Piper.

I asked her about that once and the twinkle in her eye said it all. And yes, she really does have a twinkle in her eye.

I also know that when she played Carrie's mom, she couldn't crack the part until she made the decision to play it like a comedy. A comedy! I want to know whether that was her idea or Brian DePalma's idea. It's pretty genius because you can't do comedy unless you totally believe in it. And that is one weird character to have to believe in.

She has been with Zero Hour from the start, as a matter of fact. She was at the very first reading. All the readings. She and Jim have had these marathon phone conversations about the play ever since. (She was busy directing a film short when Zero played Los Angeles.)

So, today we rehearse (and she's going to direct me! Ten lines that will live in theatrical history. Steal the whole show. Make me a star).

There's going to be a live Q&A after the show Saturday night. Both Jim and Piper will be on stage.

And then on Sunday, we drive home. I should get Piper roaring drunk or something.
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