Friday, March 14, 2008

New Album With Steve Song.

Most readers know that I am a "special guest" member of a very eclectic pop rock band called "Preoccupied Pipers." We have one concert a year and make one album a year. I usually will get a cut on each record.

Well, our new record, White Bicycle Plan, is now available on iTunes! This is our first time to make it there. And what a bargain. For $9.99 you get 24 -- that's 24! -- songs. My contribution is a very stripped down rock and roll version of "Cool By Default" as well as a small contribution to a crazed number called "Rock Star Kids."

But if you're sick and tired of boring music and want some humor, madness and craziness in your rock collection, go to iTunes, look up "Preoccupied Pipers" and listen to some of the samples. Then buy the thing and put it on your iPod.
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