Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well, we submitted to American Idol.

The challenge for the American Idol Songwriter Competition was to "write a song that reflects the journey of the American Idol contestant."

Jim came up with the hook and the first verse (by saying it out loud to me so fast I could barely write it down -- and I love asking him, "Now, how did you put that again?" and he responds, "I don't remember") -- and then I went into my loft and started writing the music.

In two days, I had the first draft recorded (using 8 tracks of vocal layers) and then yesterday sent it off. 10 dollar entry fee.

I was careful to make it gospelly sounding and "soaring" since that's what they love on that show. I even changed keys up a minor third for the last verse so that it would REALLY soar.

The title of the song is "Out Of Many Comes One."

Now, do you think THAT reflects the "journey" of the American Idol contestant? And best of all, if they don't choose it, I'll just use it for something else. It ended up being a nice tune.
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