Sunday, March 09, 2008

International Circus of Pozitivities 2.9 is now available at Creampuff Revolution

Edition 2.9 of the ICP is at Creampuff Revolution. Creampuff, a.k.a., Roro, who hails from Vancouver, is our first repeat host from Canada. I encourage you to bookmark this edition and visit it over time so that you can enjoy each of the contributions from the world of HIV/AIDS.

This 21st consecutive edition of the ICP features personal accounts, video, a special musical contribution from UK band Slovo, self-help information and the latest in news from the HIV/AIDS community. I hope that you will spend some time reading and that you will leave comments for the contributors.

Now accepting submissions for edition 2.10 to be hosted at Mshairi. This will be Mshairi’s first stint as host of the ICP although she has been a frequent
contributor in the past. Mshairi’s edition will mark the first time that the ICP will have been hosted by an African host. If you like poetry, you should check scroll through her blog. A selection of her poetry also appears at one of my favorite sites, The Other Voices Poetry International Project, an international anthology of poetry from around the world that has been recognized by UNESCO. Mshairi's work appears under the title Footprints.

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