Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Two Degrees From Barack.

It's a very weird feeling when you're reviewing the top news of the day and someone you know very well suddenly pops up.

It's regarding this whole flap about Obama's minister, Rev. Wright and his "anti-American" political rantings from his pulpit. One of the statements he made was how 9/11 was, in part, "America's chickens come home to roost." That our foreign policy had a great deal to do with why the radical Islamists did what they did.

Later, it was discovered that Wright was merely quoting the former Ambassador to Iraq, Edward Peck.

Well, we know Ed Peck. In fact, he appeared in our home video mockumentary, "You Mean She's Here?" He has a quick appearance at a dinner table in which he says (about the elusive movie star we are chasing), "She helped design Saddam's bathrooms."

I also got video of him showing off his blue finger just after the Gaza elections where he was a monitor.

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