Friday, July 27, 2007

Crappy Day.

I had a crappy day yesterday and it wasn't anything in particular that set me off. I was yelling at Amy. I was... Oh, I know. My foot. Day before yesterday, my right foot suddenly just started KILLING me. It's neuropathy, which is nerve damage, but from the HIV meds and from the diabetes. Usually, I don't notice it much. It only affects my toes, makes them numb and weird feeling if they get too cold.

But the day before yesterday, after I went out for my run, I took a shower so that we could go out for errands, and I literally could not walk. My right foot, right around my second to the last toe, whenever I put it down on the floor, hurt so much, I couldn't put any pressure down on it.

First we went over to Charlotte Rae's house. Jim is helping her with a project, a presentation for a cruise ship. And I had to go pick up my monthly supply of meds at a little AIDS-oriented drug store down in the south of town. But it hurt so much!

Also, my endocrinologist called and said they were concerned about the results from one of my tests. Apparently, there was way too much protein in my urine, which is indicative of problems with the kidneys or something. And my A1c (blood glucose) test was too high. So, they want me to come back in for more tests, but I can't get there until next month because we are going to San Francisco on Sunday. And I need new shoes from the shoe doctor because I have to have special orthotics -- and they're in but I can't get them unless they can fit them with me there in the office, but the office is too busy, so THAT has to be put off until next month.

Gah. It's all small stuff, really. But it all adds up and I just started yelling at Amy. Now, see. I'm pretty even tempered. I never yell at anyone, but if I start yelling at anyone, it'll be whoever I feel closest to, and since Amy and I are working really closely on this new project about New York, she became the object of my indiscriminate wrath.

Trouble is I don't realize I'm doing until it's too late. So, I upset Amy and we had to talk on the phone. And that's when I realized I was so stressed out from everything.

My foot is feeling much better this morning. At least I can walk on it. And I did finish up all my doctor/medication rounds. I have a new eye doctor who is the sweetest guy on the planet. He checked to make sure the diabetes wasn't affecting the blood vessels in my eyes. Said they looked great.

I even brought my camera so that we could take some video and pictures of Charlotte, but I was racing around so much, the time ran out and I didn't get any.

I hate days like this.


Amy Lynn said...

You can yell at me any time you want to.

Anonymous said...


You're in my thoughts (and Michael's). I'm glad you're feeling better, and hope that you feel even better soon. :)


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