Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cue to Cue.

Yesterday, with the New Conservatory's excellent crew, we did a cue to cue tech rehearsal. This is where we go from lighting cue to lighting cue, setting each one up individually to get different "looks" for each scene. We really are enjoying working with these folks. I'll have pics and names for you soon. But they are lovely, fast and creative.

Stupid us, though, we forgot our sound cues. So, we contacted our folks back in New York who quickly overnighted us a disc. I felt like a total idiot. And the other thing we forgot to pack was socks! I had grabbed a bunch of unwashed socks and threw them in because we planed to just do laundry here -- which we did yesterday morning -- but only a few of them actually match.

I don't know how I missed that. I never forget to pack socks. I think what with packing up the cats and everything else, it was just one of those things that slipped through. (Well, counting the sound cues TWO of those things that slipped through).

But socks can be bought and the sound cues arrive today.

We're going to try to do this show acoustically. Though it's a sizable house, the only microphones they had were the kind that wrap around your head and stick in front of your mouth -- "like Madonna," everyone kept saying. And Jim just felt it put a barrier between us and the stage. Luckily, the seating here is very comfortable and has a very high "rake," so the audience is closer than it seems.

Hey! Ethel never needed a mic! Why should we? (And, truthfully, even in New York David Gotwald was careful to keep the sound level way down so that few people even knew we were mic'ed, so that's how our show has always been played.)

The lighting instruments here are very good, also. Jim remarked that this might be the best lighting we've ever had on the show. So, it's nice to know we're going to have a superb looking show.

This morning we are off to do a TV interview for a local gay-oriented show that plays on basic cable which everyone says is shown over and over again. Also, Ed Decker, the producer announced that ALL of the area critics are coming this weekend. Lots of seats are already being sold.

So, we hope the critics are kind. That's not something we can control, of course. All we can do is relax, enjoy ourselves, play the show the way we always have, and let it speak for itself.


Bev Sykes said...

Are you in the same theatre where TLS was? That was the only one in the complex that I actually saw.

Steve Schalchlin said...

Yes. It's the same theatre where they produced The Last Session.

Anonymous said...

Break your gorgeous, fabulous legs!

I miss you guys like crazy.

Stop forgetting your socks.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to mail you some socks? :)

Anonymous said...

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