Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Devin Sings Steve!

If you're in New York on Nov. 10th, make reservations to catch my best buddy Devin Richards at his CD release show at the Metropolitan Room. And not just cuz Devin can sing. And boy can he sing!

But also because his CD features not one, but TWO, songs by yours truly. He sings "I Want To Make Music," from The Big Voice: God or Merman? and "Lovers In Disguise" a Latin-influenced comic number with lyrics by Amy Lynn Shapiro, who also wrote the lyrics to the song I posted yesterday, "I Don't Want To Know Your Name."

Devin's "take" on "Lovers in Disguise" is hilarious. He dons sun sunglasses and makes it all great fun.

Devin is also a tough guy, by the way. In the gaming world, he plays the role of Dwayne Forge in Lethal Action Weapon Speed Shooter Gangsta III -- no, wait. Grand Theft Auto IV.

But his amazing baritone/bass voice also has a very sweet side, and he sings from the heart. The video below is a kind of a bootleg-looking video of Devin singing "I Want To Make Music" the very night the album was recorded -- made with the house camera turned on. I added the credits and put it on YouTube.

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Tony Adams said...

I think I'll be in New York that night and if so, I wouldn't miss it.