Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jennifer Holliday added to "New World Waking"

I've been holding onto some news. I found out about the possibility of it last week, and then it was confirmed two days go but I couldn't tell anyone until this morning.

Jennifer Holliday -- yes, the REAL Effie from "Dreamgirls," the original Broadway cast -- has been confirmed as a guest soloist for New World Waking!

Holding onto this incredibly exciting information was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life aside from writing the thing. Yes. JENNIFER HOLLIDAY!

Now. Come to San Francisco. Get your tickets immediately. She's going to tear the roof off the place. And if you don't know what "My Rising Up" is, just go here and listen to the choir's rehearsal from back in the Spring.

December 1st. Davies Symphony Hall. San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus 30th Annivesary concert. Need I say more?

And she's going to sing the big finale number, "My Rising Up."


Mike said...

Wow, Steve! Congratulations!!!

Gabi Clayton said...

That is great news Steve! I can't wait.