Friday, September 18, 2009

Jim & Piper Get Podcasted at DC Theatre Scene

Piper Laurie and Jim Brochu get quizzed by the inimitable Joel Markowitz at DC Theatre Scene on a two-part podcast. Part one is up now, and part two is on its way. I was there for the taping, so I have this little preview for you where Piper talks about the ridiculous things they used to do to get her publicity in her early acting career.

And what was the silliness? Well, some publicist put out, onto the wires, that they had a starlet who "only ate flowers." Piper, being the dutiful employee, played along. But it would haunt her for years to come as reporter after reporter asked her about her geranium gestation.


Joel Markowitz said...

Thanks Steve for the wonderful clip. I really enjoyed interviewing Jim and Piper, and was so glad you were there to capture it with your camera. Joel

Unknown said...

isn't it great when you can interview a performer that is willing to joke around with you? nice job joel! keep up the great work!