Thursday, November 12, 2009

After Three Days, He Arose.

And... he's back.

It took three days, but he made it back. Probably because he saw me writing about him yesterday. But Jim finally coaxed him to the edge of his little lair with a bowl of food. But he poked his head out, ate, ducked back in, sneaked back out warily, ate a little more, and then went back in.

A few minutes later, I saw him on my side of the bed going for the cat box. And when he was out, I started tapping the bed, "Come on! Join us up here!"

He was suspicious, so he finished his business and ducked back in, but stuck his head out.

"Come on," I said. "Be with us!"

And, finally, he came out, and all 30 pounds of him jumped up on the bed and watched "So You Think You Can Dance" with us, criticizing the tall guy who, though cute, was just too heavy on stage (like he should meow), and he even went exploring a little around the room. Then, he spent the rest of the night sleeping on my feet, which is like sleeping under a sack of sand.

But he made it.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, today we go down and look at the set, which they say is almost finished. We'll spend the day watching that get finished up, plus the focusing of the lights, followed by a tech rehearsal.

Friday will be more tech, and then a dress rehearsal tomorrow night. And the first preview will begin Saturday night.

It's hard to believe it's upon us already.

I hope New York is ready for the return of Zero.

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