Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jim Brochu -- The Stories Continue.

You might recall that Jim and Piper did a podcast with Joel Markowitz back when Zero Hour was playing in DC.

Part two of the podcast is now posted. Here is how Joel describes the interview:

When Jim Brochu was here with his solo show about the great Zero Mostel, he and his director Piper Laurie talked with Joel about creating Zero Hour.

There was more to the conversation which we’ve saved til now to celebrate Zero Hour’s opening Off-Broadway. So relax, and listen as Jim Brochu, surely one of the greatest storytellers ever, shares backstage stories about his encounters with Barbra Streisand, Katherine Hepburn, and the afternoons spent playing backgammon with Lucille Ball in the last year of her life which he later turned into a book “Lucy in the Afternoon”.

Joel had two stories he was dying to hear from Piper Laurie – how she began her flower diet, and her starring role in the movie “Carrie”, both of which she tells with great relish.


The interviews end on a high comic note as these two friends recall their worst moments on stage, and Piper shares her secret name.

Zero Hour plays through January 31st at St. Clement’s Theatre, 423 West 46th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues). For tickets, call 212 239-2969 or go to telecharge.com

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