Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy Day.

This was a "hurry up and wait" day. It was also raining. Outside, the banner had been hung, so that people could now see that Zero Hour was HERE! It was so exciting to finally see it and to know we're here.

I know people who struggle their whole lives just to do this once, to have a show in New York. But for us, this is our third shot so, more than anything else, we feel lucky and thrilled and thankful. And especially with this show, which we believe to have so much important material.

The set was up by the time we got to the theater, but the stage is so gigantic that Jim decided to bring in the walls just a bit so that it would have a more intimate feeling. So we spent the day, mostly, sitting around letting the tech crew move everything in. Also, the big skylight, which will be more prominently featured in this production had to be moved. It hangs from the ceiling, and that took a couple of hours to redo.

Still, the important thing is to get it right. Today will be another tough day. First, we have to do the tech rehearsal which we couldn't do yesterday. And, then, tonight Jim will do a dress rehearsal for an invited audience.

You forget how much work goes into staging a show, even one as seemingly simple as this, with one set and one actor. You need a team of workers, busting their butts almost around the clock.

Then, tomorrow night, the first preview.

I have been taking lots of video, but no time to edit anything. Too much to do!

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