Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love New York.

Bob Osborne talking to Angela Lansbury in our living room.

A New York moment for me.

Because Piper Laurie knows Bob Osborne, we invited him to Zero Hour, and now he's Jim's biggest fan. So we invited Bob over for a small dinner party, and, on a whim, Jim sends a note to Angela Lansbury, who we do not know, but who's doing a Broadway show down the block, and invites her.

And she said YES.

And she came!

So, last night, I was sitting in my bedroom, on the bed, talking to Jerry Stiller, with Steve Ross playing the piano, while Bob and Angela are in the next room talking to Marge Champion.

Jim singing with Jerry Stiller. Steve Ross on the piano.

Bob Osborne, Louise Hirschfeld, Marge Champion, Jim Brochu.

New York is very surreal, especially when my face is overlooking Times Square on the NASDAQ building, which is what happened earlier yesterday. (Video is coming soon!)

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