Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Musing.

Yesterday, I walked down to 21st and 10th Ave in order to visit my dear friend, Mitties, the vicar at St. Clement's. She's down with pneumonia, and so I wanted to take her for a walk. I described for her how difficult it was for me, back in 94, when I got hit with pneumocystis pneumonia. I literally had to learn how to walk again.

But it all starts with a single step. I would work up my energy to get up, and step up on one step, then step down again. And that would exhaust me for the rest of the day. But it was one step, then two steps, and then, soon, walking again.

I brought the video camera along with me, so I'll put up video soon. (She's doing much better, by the way, but she's still very weak, and she still has it in one lung). I know some of her friends and admirers read my blog. So, I'll keep you posted.

We do love having Zero Hour down at Union Square. I hope you can tell it from the videos. When I got there yesterday, the farmer's market was just shutting down, and they were selling these magnificent loaves of bread for $2.00. I got the biggest, crustiest one.

Mmm. Homemade crusty bread.

I also changed the layout of the blog, if you haven't seen it in awhile. Blogger has all these new templates. So, I took one that looks like a rock star. I'll probably change it a lot just to see what matches.

But in my heart, I'll always be a rock star.

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