Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ellis Nassour on Zero Hour.

From BroadwayStars.com:

    From now on Jim Brochu will be remembered for his vivid, spot-on impersonation of the irresistible, irascible, legendary, and famously volatile comic actor Zero Mostel in his one-man play Zero Hour.

    Brochu gives the performance of his lifetime, one of the best ever, On or Off, in this vastly entertainly play that's a must-see for theaterlovers.


    Following its acclaimed run Off Bway,Zero Hour is now at the DR2 Theatre [103 East 15th Street, east of Park Avenue South]. .

    The play is 90 minutes of edge-of-the-seat explosive theater.

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cd0103 said...

Yeah! I was there in January and I was just amazed (but not surprised) at how good this play is. I am threatening to come back up from Fort Worth and bring my husband this time