Monday, April 26, 2010

Final total: $3745.48

Last day of fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

From Don Myers, stage manager:

Jim did the painting auction himself today following the performance because Steve was not able to be at the theatre today. Unfortunately no one seemed to bid for the painting which surprised all of us so Jim thanked the audience and went off stage. As the audience was leaving a woman came out and said that she was interested in purchasing the painting although she had not spoken up quick enough so I asked her to wait there and I went down to get tell Jim. He came up a few minutes later to sign the painting. That woman paid $250 for the painting and then we sold another one from a previous performance for $20. We collected $61.75 in the BC/EFA bucket from audience members leaving the theatre. This brings our grand total to $3745.48. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in helping us achieve this incredible accomplishment in fundraising.

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