Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fundraising report.

Comments from the stage manager's report of ZERO HOUR, Don Myers:

We had a large theatre party group in the house tonight. After the performance and the painting auction, Steve hosted the talkback. Jim came back to the stage after changing to his street cloths and they both did a 20 minute talkback with the audience.

Tonight’s painting went for $100 in the onstage auction. We also sold another 3 painting for a total of $217 dollars in paintings and we collected $128 in the BC/EFA bucket from audience members leaving the theatre. This brings our grand total to $1084.28
And I forgot to have the camera there to take more pictures. Ack!

It's not easy to coordinate the auction, get to the lobby with all the required materials, including extra paintings, remember the camera, sell more paintings, etc.

But it's great that we can add value to the evening, and raise money for Broadway Cares. Not to mention the fact that the people really like having something this concrete to take home.

At this point, we have a number of them from previous performances, but soon we're gonna run out. Luckily, we get at least one new one per day.

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