Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jim Brochu to Appear at Christopher Reeve Benefit.

Born for Broadway was created by a girl, Sarah  Galli, still in college in support of her brother who is a high level quadriplegic. It always makes me happy when I see young people create something.

The idea is simple. Mix stars with new, upcoming talent, and present them cabaret-style. Sell tickets. Give the money to the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation.

This year, Kathy Lee Gifford is the host. And, btw, she's a very nice person. We met her once at Sardi's. She saw us trying to take a group photo, and, out of nowhere, offered to take the camera and do it for us. She didn't know us from Adam, but, before it was all over, she was sitting on Jimmy's lap.

But the cast list is fantastic. Directed by Marsha Milgrim Dodge, who is also directing Jim and the fabulous Josh Grisetti in "Roar of the Greasepaint" this next weekend at the York. I think Charlotte Rae said she's coming that Sunday and bringing friends. 

Here is the Theatremania link to the story about the benefit.

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