Sunday, September 05, 2010

"When You Care" Choral Arr. This Morning.

This morning, at Christ Church, Bay Ridge Episcopal in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I'm going to sing "When You Care" during the morning liturgy, which starts, at 10am. And, behind me, if there's enough to rehearse it, the church choir will be singing the actual original arrangement which you hear on "Buddy's tape" in the final scene, and which you hear on the Original Cast Album and my Bonus Round Sessions CD.

I hadn't announced it earlier because I wasn't sure I would find it. But I did. It was a photocopy of a photocopy of the original, hand-written (more like, hand-scrawled) by Alan Satchwell -- and I've spent all week deciphering it. (Does anyone know where Alan is? I'd love to find him and reconnect.)

I'm now off to meet Mark for rehearsal. But I have a great story about that choir. I'll tell it when I come back.

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