Monday, September 20, 2010

Marian Seldes Visits Zero Hour.

Actress Anna Berger ("The Goldbergs"), Tony Lifetime Achievement honoree Marian Seldes,
Jim Brochu ("Zero Hour") and myself at Sunday's performance. 
After the matinee performance of "Zero Hour," I asked Marian Seldes, one of the greatest actresses of our time who, this past year, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Tony Award, what she thought.

She looked at me, deadly serious, and said, "Horrible. Just horrible."

I smiled, because I knew exactly what she meant as she continued...

"So horrible what happened. Those were all my friends."

I love the way an artist like her evaluates a play. She doesn't watch it. She feels it.

Asst. Stage Manager Paul Bourgeois gets to meet Marian Seldes.
(Anna Berger and Jim Brochu watch.)

Marian Seldes greets Jim Brochu at Sunday's performance of "Zero Hour."

Jim Brochu, Jackie Joseph and David Lawrence, and Fran Bator.
Kevin Scullin, Jim Brochu, Jackie Joseph Lawrence, David Lawrence, Fran Bator.

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