Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jim Does Greasepaint Oct 1-3 at the York.

Only five performances. JIM BROCHU and JOSH GRISETTI are playing the iconic roles of "Sir" and "Cocky" in a classic show that rarely gets revived because the book is kind of a kind of fantasia on power and class warfare in England. The two characters appear on the stage and play a game where Sir can change all the rules. It was hard for American audiences in 1965 to embrace it, but it had two hit songs -- and many others that have become theater standards.

In this day and age, with Wall Street and Washington changing all the rules all the time, it actually makes more sense.

Social norms and qualms are thrown out the window inĂ‚ The Roar of the Greasepaint—The Smell of the Crowd, a musical about 1960s London, where two gentlemen of different classes are always trying to get the best of each other and neither truly win. This comic musical premiered on Broadway in 1965 and includes the standards“Feeling Good” and “Who Can I Turn To?”

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