Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Crash Day

I woke up this morning feeling like my head was full of rocks. My right leg was hurting like hell from a massive muscle cramp I had in the middle of the night. My stomach was feeling icky. I thought, "Well, maybe I just need to get moving." So I went running for about an hour and when I got home, I was feeling weak. So I made some breakfast and, when it was time to wake up Jim, laid down on the bed and went back to sleep. Jim felt I was just tired and told me to just stay there. We had a quick lunch with Linda Fulton from the Avery Schreiber Theatre where Big Voice played.

I still felt lousy, so I went back to sleep, woke up just now (5pm) and I still feel awful. No fever or anything. Just tired. So, I'm gonna lie back down. Bye.
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I'm Still Here

I fell on the ice December 9, 2017 Emergency reverse shoulder This will be a long rehab But I am doing well