Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm Totally Exhausted.

We had the most spectacular day yesterday. So much happened, almost all of it emotional and mental, that I'm just totally exhausted. I woke up early, did a little catch-up photo stuff for our publicists, and then went right back to bed. Slept almost all afternoon.

People have been asking me how I feel about this whole thing, the 100th performance, the change of cast, what it felt like to do that last show, whether we are happy about it all. etc.

The only way to accurately describe my feelings is that feel so incredibly happy, it should be illegal. It was always our goal -- our fantasy, really -- to open our show in New York, get fantastic reviews, get a healthy run, and then hand it off to two great actors to bring it to a new level so that we can go home, replenish our energies and make new plans. Already, Jim has started writing the book for a new musical and it's nothing like anything we've done before.

For one thing, it will have a cast of 11. Our first show had 4. Big Voice has 2. Now, it's time to get some dancin' boys into the act! It's also going to be, as our others have been, a completely original story. Much of the score has already been written. Now, it's just a matter of pulling it all together and finishing the book.

I'm also thrilled to announce, if I haven't done so already. Jim will be performing "Zero Hour" in Houston at Stages Repertory.

And the other big announcement: THE BIG VOICE in SAN FRANCISCO in AUGUST 2007 with Jim and me reprising our off-Broadway roles at New Conservatory Theatre.

Okay, I'm going to bed.
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