Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Wrong Massage.

Hypocrites in Action:

A so-called "ministry" devoted to destroying the lives of gay people has convinced eBay to take down the massage table that Mike Jones was auctioning to raise money for Project Angel Heart. Ex-Gay Watch has an excellent post on the subject, noting that "Transforming Ministries," which began the protest has not offered to raise money for people with AIDS in lieu of the money that won't be raised for them.

Instead, they simply have preferred to try to continue the cover-up of shame and hypocrisy of the Ted Haggard situation. The "Rev." Haggard, of course, who enjoyed paying for gay sex with Mike, has stopped being gay after three weeks of therapy, according to his statement.

It's okay, though. Mike's book will be out soon. We'll learn all about the "real" Rev. Haggard.
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