Thursday, March 01, 2007

Let's Help Gabi

From Beth Reis:

Dear Friends,

Gabi Clayton, whom I know many of you know and love (and whom others appreciate as the Safe Schools Coalition's web spinner and longtime speakers' bureau volunteer) has been hospitalized twice in the past two weeks. She had another big seizure weekend before last and then chest pain a couple of days ago. She has missed a bunch of work -- she has a very part-time private counseling practice in addition to her contracts with SSC and others for web services. And she doesn't have health insurance, no less a full-time job. Neither does her wonderful partner, Alec. Alec's health has been up and down for a few years, as well.

Gabi and Alec lost their son Bill to suicide after a brutal gay bashing on school property in 1995 (see Since that time, both have become very involved in PFLAG. And Gabi's also volunteered for the Safe Schools Coalition, Youth Guardian Services, Families United Against Hate, and Stonewall Youth. She created the Safe Schools Coalition web site out of love, long before we were able to pay her to work on it. And even now, she only has a very part-time contract with us. She's personally responded to scores of suicidal youth who are moved by Bill's story and email her for support. She's given so much of the last 12 years to the queer community.

It's time for everyone who cares about Gabi to step up. As much as you can. I just opened an account in her name at Bank of America. You can make a donation at any branch to the "Gabi Clayton Funds" account or mail your donation to Bank of America, 9019 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 ... made out to "Gabi Clayton Funds". For those preferring to make an electronic transfer, it is account number 30657357 and the routing number is 125000024.

Please forward this to anyone you know who knows Gabi or Alec … or to anyone who appreciates allies who give much of their lives to The Movement for LGBT equality and justice.


Beth Reis
Co-Chair, Safe Schools Coalition
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