Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Favorite NY Memory.

Last Sunday night, we all went down to the Rouge Wine Bar to celebrate "Big Voice" night at Mark Janas' weekly Salon, a gathering of singers and songwriters. I decided to debut a brand new song that night called "Triple Threat," lyrics by Amy Lynn Shapiro. (I've been mentoring Amy as a lyricist). Crouched on the floor in this image is a wonderful singer and actress named Donna Coney Island. She had brought her two kids with her, both of whom also sang a hilarious song.

So, early in the evening, Mark invited me to sing a couple of songs and I pulled out "Triple Threat" which is a song about an audition. I was explaining the song and just getting into it when I looked up and there, standing in front of me, was this adorable child, totally mesmerized. I hadn't realized that Jim had snapped this photo until I was finally downloading all these images.

I'm so glad he did.
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