Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hittin' The Streets.

I have already broken my promise. Today, I went running and I wasn't wearing shorts and sandals. It's COLD here in the mornings! And there was a cold mist in the air. But I was still wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It felt so good to be hitting the streets again.

Saw my doc yesterday. High levels of blood sugar in my urine. Not good. So, I go back to my routine, listening to Leo Laporte on my iPod and Dan Savage (who took a misogynistic gay guy to the chopping block). Man, he can be fierce.

He also probed my prostate (excellent condition!) and checked me all over, then took a gallon of blood. So, we'll see what my blood looks like after four months of no doctor visits. Can musical theater make me healthy? We'll see!

Jim did not win the award last night, but then, it's kind of an honor to lose to Lynn Redgrave. Just to be nominated with her!

Okay, lots of work to do. Thanks for all the great emails and comments.
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