Thursday, March 01, 2007

Patient Safety Blog

Wonderful blog I've discovered called the Patient Safety Blog. It relates stories about medical situations and then offers, at the end of each entry, solid advice to caregivers and patients about how to interact with medical professionals.

This entry is a particularly good example. How a 10-year old disabled girl told her mother that the doctor had misdiagnosed something in her condition. Unfortunately, the mother listened to the doctor and dismissed the little girl's concerns, resulting in the death of the girl. I liked this advice at the end of the entry:
Advice to parents: You know your child better than anyone; you are their primary care provider. Keep the courage of your convictions when you see medical professionals disregard a key sign about your child. Go to a higher authority in the hospital if you think the doctors and nurses are making a serious mistake.

I learned early on that *I* was my primary caregiver and that I had to take personal responsibility to listen to, and pay attention to, my body and what it was telling me. Jim has lived with me long enough to know that I don't complain unless there is something that needs to be addressed -- and that it's up to me to partner with my doctor and deal with whatever's going on. I don't just sit there waiting for the doctor to tell me what to do. We work everything out together. He's just as human as any other person and it's up to me to deliver to him the information he needs to make the proper diagnosis and issue the proper treatment.
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