Monday, March 05, 2007

New Cast!

I'm happy to be the first to announce the new cast of The Big Voice.

Dale Radunz (pictured) will be playing the role of "Jim."

Carl Danielson will be playing the role of "Steve." (Photo posted below).

They came to the auditions and totally blew us away. Dale is a tall, deadpan veteran actor with this stentorian voice. When he started reading the lines, we were on the floor, hurting. He has this ability to slay you with a glance. He will bring an amazing new dimension to the role because he approaches differently from Jim, but has all the same ability to keep you in stitches.

Carl is a brilliant musician and is totally adorable. Again, he's completely different from me, which I consider to be a really good thing. He'll be able to create a new approach and it won't feel like he's trying to recreate what I do.

We start rehearsals tomorrow and I am so excited, I can't stand it.

Also, after Jim's and my last performance, this Sunday at 3pm, we will be having a talkback session. So, bring your questions!
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