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Breakfast with Ernie 2

He's back! This time, Ernie and I discuss saints, Mexicans and my clueless whiteboy moment in a "Mexican" restaurant.

Father Tony at the GLAAD Awards.

My friend, Father Tony, did some red carpet at the GLAAD Awards last night.

Scary Virus Video is A Miracle of Basic Science.

From Joe.My.God.'s blog:

An astonishing new video shows for the first time how HIV attacks and infects healthy immune cells. This glimpse has provided researchers with some new ideas.
Before you look at the video, I wanted to point to a comment someone made, that the reason this research was possible was because scientists somewhere decided they wanted to study genes to find out what made certain sea life glow. By finding this gene, they were able to insert it into a virus, which made it possible to take pictures of the AIDS virus actively infecting a cell.

Here's the comment, a reader named in60657:

You can probably thank Martin Chalfie, Osamu Shimoura, and Roger Tsien. They won the 2008 Nobel prize in Chemistry for the green flourescent protein discovered by Shimoura in 1960 in a jellyfish. Chalfie was able to insert the gene into another organism and Tsien expanded it to flouresce in different colors. This technique is also used in cancer research.

This also illustrates how so…

Are You A Former Ex-Gay?

Are you currently seeking help from, or have you ever sought help from an ex-gay ministry in the United States? If so, please consider taking part in this very important research. My name is S.J. Creek and I am a doctoral student in the sociology department at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. I am currently undertaking a study that considers the lived experiences of people who have sought help from an ex-gay ministry. Subjects involved in the study will be asked a series of questions that will take one to two hours to answer. These confidential interviews will be audio-taped and I will take every reasonable step to protect your identity. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and you may stop participating at any point during the interview. I hope to publish research results in a dissertation and scholarly article.

Interested? Or have questions?

Creating a New Show.

So, now that I know I'm going to Olympia, it's time to create a new show. This time using songs from TLS, TBV and NWW. I also thought I'd throw in some random bits of songs not in those shows, such as a few of the cabaret type songs I wrote with Amy Shapiro (for our long-gestating New York show) and maybe a love song or two here and there.

I thought I'd use act one for TLS and TBV, framing the songs with the story of creating this blog back in 1996, meeting Gabi Clayton, and ending act one with how helping her put Bill's Story online led to playing John Lennon's piano.

Then, because NWW was created out of that event, I would use act two to sing some of those songs and then finish with, perhaps, some of the newer songs.

So, the question is, for those of you who know my material, what songs would you expect and want to hear if you came to a solo concert?

Newest Poster for Olympia.

This is the new poster for Olympia. I took all your suggestions and made a few adjustments and created this. The small words probably aren't good for a reduction, but for the poster, I thought a listing of credits was necessary. Click on the image for full size.

In Florida with Jim.

Ugh. Red-eye flights.

Ugh. Trying to get to Ft. Lauderdale from L.A.

No direct flights. So, finding the cheapest flight possible, we booked Northwest Airlines leaving 10pm arriving in Detroit (DETROIT??) at 5am, leaving at 8am, arriving Ft. Lauderdale... whenever.

Both flights were packed to the gills and I think they've moved the rows closer together. Sitting next to, and around, me was a family from Mexico, complete with baby. But, happily, the kid was so cute and so happy, it made the flight much more endurable. (I love happy babies).

Still, it was very uncomfortable. I managed to doze off a couple of times, but I decided that by the time I got to Florida, I was never going to let Jim live this down.

In Detroit, though it was really early, there was a breakfast place open, so I got some food and then waited around for the next flight. Also packed. Also uncomfortable. But just seeing Jim was reward enough. All was forgiven. (He met me at the airport with a sign that read "Scha…

Reminds me of a Jim and Steve video!

A 17 Year Old Talks About Marriage.

Hemo2Homo review: KNOWING (with spoilers)

Homo: Hemo, I hear you’re home sick.Hemo: Pesky little cold. Sorry I couldn’t make it to a movie this weekend. But I did make this killer movie poster… Homo: Nice work!And that’s OK- I’ll entertain you by telling you about what I saw. Nic Cage’s deliciously bad new movie might be as bad as the last M. Night movie. In fact, I’m going to tell you the entire movie so that I can save you those two and a half hours of your precious life.Hemo: Please, I just have a cold. Enough friends already thinking I’m dying of AIDS here… It’s just a cold, dammit!Homo: … or is it?Hemo: Seriously, you were saying something about a movie? Nic Cage- let me guess, he has a peculiar expression on his face throughout most of the film? Homo: Just like the audience who sat through this one. You couldn’t have a better weekend to catch that death plague of yours. I will say this: if you enjoy hearing a woman shriek, you’ll like this movie.Hemo: … I just got a little bit hard.

Homo: Notthatkind of shr…

13th Blog-iversary. March 24.

Tuesday, March 24th is the 13th anniversary of this diary/blog.

I did not have any idea I would alive this long. I remember full well that, at the time, I was getting desperately ill -- and would continue downhill until the summer of '96 when Crixivan finally arrived by FedEx, probably at the very last moment that it had any chance of working.

Then, June of '96 saw us working on our very first workshop production of The Last Session with me playing Gideon (since, at the time, I didn't know how to write out music charts, nor did I know anything about arranging -- so we winged it and just threw it together the best we could). Adding to the complications was the fact that I was hooked up to an I.V. for 14 hours a day, infusing nutrition because my entire digestive system had failed.

Slowly, during that long month of July, I began to gain weight. The show got better and better, and by the end of our run, we had totally sold out the venue. And on the last night, at curtain, I &quo…

Health Update.

Dr. Ruchi, who is so beautiful, she makes me wish I were straight, looked at me and said, rather directly, "Your A1C is way higher than its ever been. 8.7. What happened?"

What could I say? "I've been totally lazy, totally eating lousy food, and completely frustrated."

"About what?"

"Well, my feet. I know I should be out running, but with this nerve damage, I can't just go buy athletic shoes. Everything hurts to the point that I'm crippled."

"Well, you could do bikes or weight lifting..."

"I know. I know. I'm just..."

"Okay. It's okay. I hear how frustrated you are."

"I'll figure it out. I'm just so unmotivated."

"Do you think it's because Jim is gone?"

I wanted to say yes, but that's not it. Or maybe it is. It just always feels like I'm climbing uphill. I get to a place where the sugars are good, kinda, and then it all falls apart unless I stay on it all the time. …

Florida. April 1st. The Fools Go On Stage!

Jim has been doing "Zero" down in Florida at the Broward County Stage Door Theatre. I've been here, taking care of the cat and focusing on personal stuff. But the theatres down there are hurting. Theatres everywhere are hurting.

So, we offered to do a one night only performance of "The Big Voice" since I was planning on going down there anyway. Hopefully, someone in the Ft. Lauderdale area will have heard of us and it will sell a ticket or two. And it will be fun to be doing the show again.

With him focused on "Zero," it makes it increasingly hard for us to find these opportunities. Happily, "Big Voice" is "recession friendly." All we need are two chairs, a table, a keyboard and a mirror ball.

After doing the show again in Indio (for a healthy group of seniors, none of whom had heard of us but liked us anyway), I was reminded how healthy it is for me be performing. Last night, at the open mic, grabbed Lisa Turner (who has one of the m…

Workshop Leader

It's been fun getting to know all the people down at Kulak's. The truth is that it is exactly what the songwriters want it to be. When Marc Platt asked me to help facilitate the songwriting workshops on Wednesday nights, I was flattered to be asked. But I was also a bit nervous because I haven't developed a "program" for how to write a song.

Marc and I are volunteering our services, and donations are made to help pay the rent so that we can keep the place open. (And I say "we" because I am he as you are me and we are all together.) I just follow his lead and, thankfully, he knows what he's doing.

Now, I've been asked by my friend, JD Sebastian, to facilitate a songwriter workshop for a new group of songwriters and musicians concerned about the environment. They've formed a loose association called and we're going to do the workshop on Saturday morning at MCC-LA.

Truthfully, I don't know if songwriting can be taught, bu…

Antarctic Suite: Landscape

This is my latest opus. You can view it in high def if you go to this link and click on the HD button.


WATCHMEN: Reviewed by Hemo2Homo.


Hemo: You know, Homo, I was worried when you said you wanted to review a film called Watch Men... thought we were moving into the realm of gay porn.
Homo: You know what's funny, Hemo, is that all my straight friends made this same joke.

Hemo: What wasn't funny was the one thing that almost ruined this movie for me: straight dudes. Anytime a penis appeared onscreen, a few groups of twenty-something "straight guys" felt the need to audibly gasp or giggle.

Homo: I did think that for a CGI penis, Dr. Manhattan's naughty bit did seem to have a little life in it. Oddly, though, it also seemed perfectly natural -- like seeing a big blue Greek statue. This is a character who has more or less risen beyond his humanity, so little things like blue dangly bits don't really factor into his universe of awareness.

Hemo: If I had Dr. Manhattan's powers, my blue penis would have been the size of Manhattan. Hey, didn't you think he was the &…

And, Yes, Hemo2Homo Will Be There!


My Inner Geek Will Be Watching Watchmen.

I have tickets to tomorrow's first matinee of the greatly anticipated movie version of WATCHMEN, possibly the greatest graphic novel ever written. The author of said book has renounced all association with the film because of how they murdered his other books, "League of Extraordinary Gentelmen," "V For Vendetta," and... well, trust me. They murdered them.

Early reviews for WATCHMEN have been all the way from absolute hate to complete and total embrace. (Roger Ebert loved it!).

So, who knows? But I'm gonna be there. Front and center.

More Graphics Fun!

Here's a new graphic for my Olympia concert. Thoughts?

The Complete New World Waking.

For those of you who have been asking if you can finally hear the ENTIRE New World Waking song cycle, it was recorded in Santa Cruz, CA on hi def video by a "touring edition" of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.

I've embedded the entire playlist here. If you click on it, it will cycle through the entire concert automatically. However, this playlist isn't hi def. If you go to each song individually, you can click through to the hi def version. My thanks to Ken McPherson who arranged to have this done.

Concert May 10th in Olympia, Washington

I'm going to sing a benefit concert for PFLAG-Olympia on May 10th this year. I was trying to decide on a name for the concert and came up with this. What do you think?