Friday, February 09, 2007

Can You Prove You're Gay?

I ran across this story at Pam's House Blend about a beautiful young man, Alvaro Orozco, who was constantly beaten by his father in Guatemala because daddy suspected him of being gay. He was thrown into a detention center for boys, where he was continually harassed. Eventually, he made his way to the US, was picked up by immigration, released, helped by several Catholic Charities (where he couldn't tell them he was gay), then by some 7th Day Adventists (who are also anti-gay, so he kept silent), and finally, ended up in Canada where he is appealing for sanctuary under the laws that protect GLBT persons who might be persecuted or killed in their own countries.

Here's the problem: They don't believe he's gay. Why? Because he didn't have gay sex as a teenager. HAVE GAY SEX? He was running for his life! He was hiding his homosexuality in order to survive. Hiding his sexual orientation is how he is still alive. So, how does "prove" this board that he's actually gay? Bring in some friends and have an orgy there in the courthouse?

Read his whole story on a website set up to help him. It's an incredible story told by a young man who deserves the best in life. Anytime you think you got it bad, think of what he had to do to survive.

And in a related story, we find out that the KKK is growing again. Why? Because of all them damned "Mexicans" streaming across the border and presence of jerks like Pat Buchanan who seems to be on every single news channel pushing his xenophobic agenda. What a world we live in.

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