Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Great Audiences

Just a note about audiences here. Last night was another really appreciative audience with genuinely excited people standing up during the final ovation, whistling and yelling, "Bravo!" It was so great to have this kind of response. It makes me feel like we're finally really finding "our" audience. That is, the people who want to see a show like ours and who appreciate what we do.

This isn't to say that previous audiences haven't been good, but we've also had our share of audience members who look at us like we're something from Planet Mars. As I said previously, only word of mouth sells a show like this because we have no big promotional budget and the the media aren't really interested in us (since we didn't kill anyone, pose naked, or win a reality show).

The only thing we have to offer is our story and our talent on a basically bare stage with minimal lighting and no special effects. It's just us. We stand or we fall on what the two of us offer with just our presence and our voices.

The other thing Jimmy said he noticed is that there were lots of people wiping away tears last night. Really and genuinely moved. I can't really see the audience very well (being half-blind without my glasses) so I have to go on "feeling" them. Sometimes I "hear" silence and think they're bored when actually, they're really emotionally involved and, of things, LISTENING.

I'm very proud of The Big Voice. I know it has a message and it entertains. I really do want us to succeed in New York. Our rave reviews gave us a launch, but it's the word of mouth that will keep us going. During this arctic freeze, all the shows are suffering. So, the fact that they're still coming out to see us and cheer us is touching and beautiful.

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