Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Valentine's Day Wedding

We said we were going to do it and we did. We invited same sex couples to join us for a Valentine's Day wedding ceremony. On the day of the event, yesterday, we got a horrendous snow storm, so two of the couples had to cancel, but we still had three male couples and one female couple. And they were absolutely beautiful. Rabbi Jill, who is also a cantor, performed a beautiful ceremony complete with singing, candle lighting and the breaking of the glass. The NY Gay Men's Chorus thrilled the audience with music and we also had a special guest, Anna Dagmar Johnson.

I'll be editing a video of the event and talking more about it, but for now, here are the photos:


Anonymous said...

So I guess my question is: When's the big Steve and Jim Day? And what should I sing?

Amy Lynn said...

I want to mention this one moment which wouldn't ordinarily appear in the narrative of what happened last night. At one point, Rabbi Jill was speaking to the couples about the sanctity (not the word she used, by along the same lines) of their marriages, and the commitment they were making to each other, and the love they were showing in front of the witnesses, and Jimmy quietly walked across the stage and just held Steve's hand, and I just about lost it. Despite everything last night, THAT was my favorite moment.