Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Eating On A Dollar A Day

My crazy nephew, Geoffrey, has decided to see if he can eat for an entire month on a dollar a day and blog about it. I told him the only mistake he's making is refusing to allow his girlfriend's mother to feed him. Once, when I was in New York long ago, I had only $5 and it had to last a week. So, I figured out where all the Happy Hours were that gave out food like peanuts and bananas. I also accepted hand-outs from friends.

At the end of the week, I had $3 left.


Anonymous said...

Do let us know how he does on this, will you. Once, long, long ago, in the days before dumpsters had locked lids, I would often eat out of the local grocery store dumpster. I could create wonderous things from the findings plus an odd and end from my cupboards.

Amy Lynn said...

I have plenty of friends who still "dumpster dive" in NYC, mostly from the monster supermarkets that throw an enormous amount of food out the day it "goes bad".

When I was kind of homeless last summer, I used to eat from the cabinets at work. Tea and cereal can be very filling.

Anonymous said...

I could make it about 3-4 days for $5 when I first moved here. I was surviving on Tiger Milk bars for the most part and I lost a lot of weight. :-)