Monday, June 04, 2007

Cure AIDS @ Home

The World Community Grid is a project that lets you participate in chemical and biological research. The way it works is like this. It uses your computer's computing power, when you're away, to participate in research that would otherwise have to be handled by expensive computers that researchers would have to buy and maintain on their own. Fight AIDS@Home is one of the projects that the World Community Grid adopted.

On my home computer, when I leave to run errands or other stuff, instead of flying toasters going across the screen, the software uses the idle time to work on complex computational models involving molecules. Then, each month, it sends you a report of how much work you personally contributed to curing AIDS or any other disease you sign up for.

It's a terrific idea because it unleashes the power of the worldwide computer grid to work on problems they would otherwise have to wait years to do.

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