Monday, November 24, 2008

Breakfast with Ernie & Steve.

I've talked a lot about my friend, Ernie, but I've never put him on youtube. We usually try to have breakfast together about once a week. So this past week, I grabbed the camera and, over a Mexican breakfast, told him to interview me about the upcoming New World Waking! Since Ernie laughs at all my jokes, I told him we'd have to do this more often.


Gabi Clayton said...

Thanks Steve. Hi Ernie! Nice to finally 'meet' you.

Anonymous said...

There are so many valuable insights I gained from watching this. Primary among them is that Mexican food for breakfast on Sunday is fabulous and menudo is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabi - I didn't realize I put so many "S's" in my words - I could put an S in Kmart if I really wanted to (after I saw it I told Steve - I sound SOOO gay LOL and here I thought I was passing
:-)- as if - but it is nice to finally be in the blogosphere - I feel so grown-up now LOL.

Michael - I LOVE menudo - it was a Sunday staple growing up - the best thing for a hang-over and it was the last meal my mom made before she got ill and couldn't cook anymore. (I couldn't eat it for about 6 years cause it made me cry when I saw it :-( )

But I must admit - to those who did not grow up with it - it can sound pretty disgusting - and it's so - how you say...CHEWY LOL.