Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Larry Kramer's Life in the Bonus Round.

New York Magazine runs a terrific feature by Jesse Green, catching us up on the great, angry Larry Kramer, whose work is one of the reasons why I'm still alive today.
"...the AIDS work that made Kramer both a hero and a lightning rod for controversy, in particular his co-founding of Gay Men’s Health Crisis in 1982 and, when that ended badly for him, his creation of ACT UP in 1987. Arguably, these organizations were responsible, in their good-cop-bad-cop way, for bringing drugs to market that now make it possible for millions of HIV-positive people to live reasonably normal lives. As a side effect, they also instigated a fundamental shift in the way the public participates in decisions about health policy and pharmaceutical research. His former archenemy, now friend, Anthony Fauci, longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, divides American medicine broadly into two eras: “Before Larry and after Larry.”

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NG said...

Love him, hate him, there can be only one.

I'm sort of annoyed with him with the way he threw the Queer Justice League under the bus when a territorial war broke out. He helped block access to a listserv and he did what alot of left leaning moderates do when their ego is bruised and that is run to right wing media and complain.

I still admire him greatly though. His view on Lincoln and Washington are fascinating and I wish there was some way to get them on visual record.

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