Monday, December 14, 2009

Meeting with the Vicar.

We huddled over at the well-worn baby grand piano stuffed behind the set of "Zero Hour."

There was overhead lighting, which made a little focused stream of light on her cheek, like tears streaming down her face.

I don't think I ever met with a "vicar" before. Is it capitalized? My image of a vicar comes from that British sitcom with Mrs. Bucket, pronounced, according to her, as "bouquet." He was the hapless one who couldn't get away from her constant need for attention.

And I recall old English movies would sometimes have a vicar.

Her name is Mitties. I accused her of being a plural. She's from Pasadena, California and her brother is an actor. She teaches at the seminary.

St. Clement's has a long and storied history as a theater, which I'm only now beginning to learn. Video blog to come!

I sang a lot of music for her, and she told me stories, and we talked about the various programs run by this little church, most of the programs of which are for the poor. The once a week bags of groceries, the free vet clinic, etc. All being done by this very small congregation.

I played "Connected" for her and she responded by telling me about her late husband, who she obviously dearly loved. Then she quoted some piece of Episcopal theology about all the saints joining together, both from her and from the afterlife.

And that was cool. I just write the songs, which, for me, are little stories. I don't try to analyze them. Or, I maybe I do, but only after they're written.

She is overjoyed that "Zero Hour" is there. She feels it delivers a powerful message about someone who survived a very dark time.

I sang and played songs from "New World Waking" and "The Last Session." I didn't really know what else to do. My songs tell my story so much better than mere words. She asked me to sing on a Sunday morning.

Plus, Jim and I will donate a night -- maybe even do a performance of "The Big Voice: God or Merman?" -- in January as a benefit.

I just have to make sure he doesn't overdo it. Tonight, for instance, he's participating in The Shaw Project. The rehearsals start early in the day. (He's playing a man in one, and a woman in the other.)

Anyway, so many stories to tell. I love this vicar. Her full name is Mitties DeChamplain. How great is that?

But, for now, the big guy needs his coffee. (And you know how he feels about getting his coffee.)


Devin Richards said...

If you do a benefit big voice i hope it's on a night joe and i can come and see it!!

Steve Schalchlin said...

I'm definitely singing this coming Sunday morning at the 11 am service -- and will let you know if we will be able to facilitate a fundraiser on your night off.

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